As fourth year students were approaching the final semester, plans were already underway for the annual formal in the spring.  The venue was booked, itinerary planned out and students were excited to celebrate their journey at Schulich with classmates and friends.  Things were looking great until the COVID-19 pandemic changed everything.

Fortunately, the School successfully transferred all courses online and students were also able to access services remotely including academic advising, student support and career development activities.

However, large gatherings on campus were cancelled including the spring formal.  The Undergraduate Business Society (UBS) 2019 – 2020 Executive team was brainstorming ways to bring some kind of normalcy to their classmates and that’s where the idea of a virtual formal started.  Students were encouraged by the UBS Executive team to donate to the Class of 2020 Gift Initiative in place of purchasing tickets.

Collectively through the UBS Executive team and students, a resounding $5,500 was raised.  Inspired by the great spirit and resilience of their community of students and leaders, the UBS established the new Class of 2020 BBA/iBBA Award.

The Award will recognize future Schulich undergraduate students who have demonstrated leadership abilities and financial need. We’re hoping that this award helps a student to be able to continue in their academics without needing to worry about the financial aspect as much and we’re hoping that it inspires future UBS councils as well as other student government groups on campus to create similar initiatives,” said Anika Peng (BBA ’20) UBS 2019 – 2020 President.

A portion of the funds raised will also be donated toward the Schulich Student Support Fund to help students weather the COVID-19 crisis.

During these uncertain times, one thing is certain – the BBA/iBBA Class of 2020 will leave an extraordinary mark at Schulich supporting the next generation of Schulich students.  The inaugural recipient of the Class of 2020 BBA/iBBA Award will be announced this fall.